History of Fire and Development of Fire Fighting Systems in Architecture





This study aims to examine the history of fires in detail and explore the evolution of fire suppression systems in the field of architecture. Fires have posed a significant threat throughout human history, and the methods developed to combat this threat have undergone substantial changes over time. The study focuses on the history of fires, aiming to elucidate firefighting strategies employed in the past.

Additionally, it delves into the evolution of fire suppression systems in architecture, providing a comprehensive analysis of how these systems have evolved in the face of technological advancements and scientific research. The study underscores the critical importance of adherence to current standards in architecture for effective fire safety practices.

Addressing fire safety standards and regulations, the study aims to elucidate international and local regulations that must be adhered to in firefighting processes within architectural projects. In this context, it emphasizes the pivotal role of compliance with contemporary standards in ensuring the fire safety of architectural designs.

The concluding section summarizes the evolution of fire suppression systems in architecture based on the findings, offering recommendations for the development of more effective firefighting strategies and systems. This study aspires to provide both an academic and practical perspective on fire safety in architecture.

Keywords: History of Fires, Architecture, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Safety, Technological Evolution


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